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About US

We help companies to implement SMS services, mass to increase revenue, improve branding, and optimize performance and the development of public services business through mobile media. Our mobile messaging platform is able to provide bulk SMS solutions to virtually any mobile phone CDMA / GSM worldwide. Here, we provide services, reliable, affordable and faster messaging, and our platform allows companies and communities to interact with members of immediate and personal way, whatever communication device they have available. We can start sending group messages today with our simple registration and real-time connectivity to our global messaging gateways.

About us

Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Indian-Based fast-growing one of the largest SMS providers and mobile marketing technologies which is launched in 2009. Nowadays more than 1200 customers and resellers are connected with our services. Itsunique and robust solutions in the field of mobile communities, instant messaging, carrier agnostic connectivity, billing, content aggregation and portal management on SMS,GPRS, WAP, WEB & Voice have benefited more than 25 mobile operators in several emerging markets across the globe as well as over 200 tier-one enterprises, media companies and content providers in India. Through nationwide voice and data carrier connectivity, NGIPL enables enterprises and content providers to launch branded mobility services.

Ngipl.in started as a bulk SMS based on the fastest and cheapest web.

Nextgen is a peerless service that puts you in shortest touch with clients, colleagues, office units, sales representatives, suppliers or even your friends using mobile text messaging. Ngipl.in strategy allows you to focus on your business and not the technical aspects of sending bulk SMS bulk.

Whatever business you are in, there are many categories that can integrate SMS services realizing the full potential of your business. Today the world is changing rapidly. Companies are increasingly competitive. In such a scenario, it is very important to reach more people with their offers. Currently the companies able to reach more people are a step faster than those who do not. Sending bulk SMS is a great way of marketing as it provides accurate and comprehensive customer. Since then, no personal calls involved, the message reaches the customer without disturbing you. The recipient can read the message as and when you want.

This product provides web based bulk SMS delivery, bulk imports of contacts, and advanced sending capabilities. We offer integrated our SMS service on their website or any other software you may be using. With the web-based interface, we offer HTTP, SMPP and the client application.

  • Ngipl.in offers a combined solution with network design, consulting, project execution and professional expert support services to implement modern telecommunications network operators and the next generation to maximize their capacity and provide offer competitive services. We help more service providers to reach to achieve their business objectives, providing resources and work for them.

  • Our Work Flow

    Our mission is to increase sales of your brand and products, mobile marketing more relevant service to marketer or e-commerce Company.
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      Planning the structure importance purpose of a business.

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      Creative & innovative design of application devlopement.

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      System developing and implementing growth analysis.

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      The success of the next product launch could determine.

    Our Clients

    Nexgen team is fully supported service of bulk SMS with clients. Our team is here to available for customer helping.