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Long Code SMS Services

    Several features are fitted in our Long Code Service such as-
  • • Bulk Lead Import
  • • Lead, Follow Up
  • • SMS Campaign
  • • Unlimited Keywords
  • • Real Time Live Report
  • • SMS on the alert
  • • Email on the alert

Our service increases the potency of your merchandising or promotional campaign and takes in your communication quick and gentle. Then, take the desired response from our Interactive two-way communication service for better lead generation.

Long Code SMS

Long Code SMS refers to a standard dedicated phone number 10 digits allows a company to receive SMS text messages, voice and fax from anywhere in the universe. Unlike the access codes, which are normally shared among many brands, long codes allow businesses to deliver their own specific phone number to receive and broadcast SMS text messages. These long codes are for person to person communication, similar to the way mobile phone text messages operating plans.

Ngipl.in, offers Long Code SMS Service, that help you to make 2 way SMS gateway for your commercial enterprise needs and seamlessly send and receive messages with our cutting edge solution. It gets to your communication, fast, comfortable and affordable. It aids in wiping out the monetary value of extracting data from your host.

Advertise your trade name through our SMS campaign and reach the best ROI results. Helps you inform, serve, occupy, or pass your customers irrespective of time and space. It is accessible across the commonwealth, which means your clients can immediately reach you easily.

Our Long Code SMS Service, helps you reach the customers at any time or place and generate effective leads as well as receive feedbacks from the clients through SMS. The service allows you to send thousands of SMS per second and is useful for feedbacks, promotions, or merchandising campaigns and it likewise helps you trim down the cost of sending SMS as well as it is cheaper for your customers who send their queries through SMS.

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  • Ngipl.in offers a combined solution with network design, consulting, project execution and professional expert support services to implement modern telecommunications network operators and the next generation to maximize their capacity and provide offer competitive services. We help more service providers to reach to achieve their business objectives, providing resources and work for them.

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    Our mission is to increase sales of your brand and products, mobile marketing more relevant service to marketer or e-commerce Company.
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      Planning the structure importance purpose of a business.

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      Creative & innovative design of application devlopement.

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      System developing and implementing growth analysis.

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      The success of the next product launch could determine.

    Our Clients

    Nexgen team is fully supported service of bulk SMS with clients. Our team is here to available for customer helping.