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Promotional SMS Service, Bulk SMS Service

Promotional SMS Service

Bulk promotion SMS is one of the cheapest marketing solutions. You can pass around your brand, product or offer in a second with one click. You can send your clients to new offers, fresh merchandise and events immediately. SMS marketing used to promote the brand, features, product merchandising, general awareness, Event, such as a happy birthday wish, happy Diwali, and so on

Ngipl.in promotional provides Bulk SMS marketing for small to big commercial enterprises in India. Telephone, email and chat Help available.

Promotional Bulk SMS Features:

• Where can send any type of message without approval, but not only DND digits with 6-digit numerical code (123456).

• There is no fixed model, they can send messages without identifying the sender.

• Send SMS in English, Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi and other regional languages.

• SMS timetable for the future.

• Do not deliver to DND numbers. No charges for DND numbers.

High quality promotional, SMS Gateway

• A better way: the promotion of your products / Business / services to anyone.

• Immediate delivery to 100% in 0 to 30 seconds

• Promotional SMS is allowed from: 09:00 to 07:00 p.m.

• DND Filter

• System generated Digital Sender ID, for example, AM 012345

  • Ngipl.in offers a combined solution with network design, consulting, project execution and professional expert support services to implement modern telecommunications network operators and the next generation to maximize their capacity and provide offer competitive services. We help more service providers to reach to achieve their business objectives, providing resources and work for them.

  • Our Work Flow

    Our mission is to increase sales of your brand and products, mobile marketing more relevant service to marketer or e-commerce Company.
    Bulk sms, Bulk sms company
    • Bulk sms company

      Planning the structure importance purpose of a business.

    • Bulk sms, Delhi

      Creative & innovative design of application devlopement.

    • Bulk sms

      System developing and implementing growth analysis.

    • Bulk sms, Bulk sms company

      The success of the next product launch could determine.

    Our Clients

    Nexgen team is fully supported service of bulk SMS with clients. Our team is here to available for customer helping.